1. The Hot Rats - Fight for your right (to party)


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    "Damn Right, I’ve Got The Blues" by Buddy Guy.

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    Dancing With Tears In My Eyes- X (1982)

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    Rogue Valley

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    So I took a picture of a Bonsai this evening, and here she is.


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    Kitty Wells — It Wasn’t God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels - 1952

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  8. meanderingmama said: Any chance you'll pass me some good spots to fish in Southern Oregon?

    Hey there, nice to hear from you!

     I live near the Rogue & steelhead are good right now. I would suggest right up near the hatchery, McGregor park is nice but I would go on a week day. Right up from there is the Holy water, fly fishing only, its a beautiful place and well maintained by the fly fishermen. Holy water can be tough but if you check the report from Ashland fly shop they might have news on the most recent hatches. As for the rest of the Rogue down to Dodge bridge, October caddis will be starting to come off. You can also check with the Fishin hole in Shady cove 541-878-4000. If you need a guide, they are the place to go. The number for river temps, water flow & fish count is 800-472-2434. Use a carrot nymph and your choice of the dry fly in fairly large sizes, the flies are big! Below Shady cove: Takelma park, Dodge bridge on the south side, Gold ray dam off of Blackwell road are all places I have fished.

    I also like the north fork of Little Butte creek off HWY 140 on forest road #37. There is a campground there and it is always very peaceful. Fish from the campground up to the dam at Fish lake, about 5/8 of a mile of small stream. North fork has brook trout and the fishing gets tougher the farther up you go.

    Now, I am heading over to the Klamath basin today to begin work on a house in Beatty. The Williamson has large trout that come out of the lakes in the summer and I do mean LARGE. I think your best best is accessing it from Collier memorial park.

    I will be staying in Beatty (halfway between Klamath falls and Lakeview) for 2 weeks, near the confluence of the Sycan and the Sprague. I find very little info on these two but from what I can tell most of the fishing access is privately owned. In my previous trips there I have not seen a single fisherman and I assume fishing pressure is light. Im really looking forward to finding access and fishing these rivers, the fishing should be excellent starting with hoppers. I will be working for people who own land in Beatty and hoping to meet some locals who can give me permission. The Oc&e state line trail parallels the Sprague so there will be spots along the way not far from Beatty. I’ll be happy to update you on what I find there.  Michael.


  9. Mavis Staples - Down in Mississippi

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    benton railroad (by sarah gray)

  14. Fire Watch by world4photos on Flickr.


  15. Labor day 2014